Do Real Estate Agents Have TV Commercials? – What Is The Inside Tract?

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Real Estate Agents TV Commercials


Real estate used to be a very big and booming business. However, do to recent economic times being touch, within the last several years. The real estate market has witnessed in steady decline in sales of residential homes and other properties on the average. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the market is not alive, it’s just not what it used to be. The prices of residential homes and other properties have also suffered because of the market and prices have been dropped and severely slashed on countless available real estate listings on the market. So, with all of this said, one can only wonder what real estate agents are doing to get business. Do real estate agents have TV commercials? What is the inside tract on this? The answer is one that can be yes and no. Not all real estate agents do use the power of TV to their marketing advantage, you may check This Website to learn how. Nevertheless, there are some of them out there, who do indeed us TV to film their very own TV commercials to sell their properties. Therefore, the answer to this question is one that can be varied, based on each individual real estate agent and just how far he or she will go to sell available properties that they have.

Any form of TV advertising that is smart and very elegant at what they do. Surely can indeed make some excellent TV commercials for both real estate brokerage firms and any R/E service who wants to promote the line of properties that they are desperate to sell in today’s economy. Studies do show that customers over 70% are more than likely to purchase a product, service, or whatever else just after seeing a very informative and eye-catching video on it. This is because the power of video has wonderful selling power all its own. Real estate agents who are aggressive when it comes to marketing and sales of their properties will most definitely consider having a TV commercial done if they haven’t already. This is because they are sellers at heart and they know how to sell to the very best of their ability where the area of real estate is concerned. Having their very own TV commercial is truly a tool that they can use to their selling advantage where family homes and other key properties are the focus. The power TV and video are two marketing tools that are highly effective when it comes to selling all sorts of things. The real estate market definitely can sell their wares just like anyone else can with a good television commercial of the very best kind.

What is also great about real estate agents getting their own TV commercials is this. They can get as customized with their thirty second TV commercial as they want to. They can feature just certain houses or properties on their list as an example of the many fine properties they do have or they can produce a segment that is just about why their real estate company is the best from the rest. When a real estate agent has their very own TV commercial, it gives them the power of creativity, and the way they want to go to make their marketing something that is very successful in delivery.

Independent Online Reviews Threatened by Large Corporations

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online reviews

The ICA Telecommunications Public Policy Committee has had an unusually busy fall schedule. The Modified Final Judgment/removal of restriction issue, rate of return reform, ESP access charges, annual access charge filings and the FCC’s intent to revisit the “leaky PBX” surcharge issue have created challenges, threats and opportunities for the user community. Concurrently, over a dozen states are considering various BOC proposals to deregulate major segments of their services (i.e., 800, private-line, special access, etc.). Sites such as try to promote products independently but are often threatened by companies that receive negative reviews.

The ICA, as the first and largest organization of business and institutional users, has taken documented positions on most, if not all, of these issues. In general, we have supported deregulation proposals where truly competitive alternatives exist.

Unfortunately, many of the positions and proposals submitted do not meet this criterion. The FCC, in its zeal to minimize or eliminate regulation has, in our opinion, failed to adequately address the rate payers’ interests. A prime example of this is its tacit acceptance of the concept known as “strategic pricing” of access charges.

Returns as high as 39% have been allowed to go into effect in some BOC areas for special access line charges. Detailed and substantive filings submitted to the FCC by user groups suggesting discrepancies and inaccuracies in the BOC filings have routinely been dismissed by the FCC for no expressed reasons other than “there is no patent violation of the Communication Act.”

This rather arbitrary, even arrogant, dismissal of serious and sincere user concerns has created an adversarial situation that is unnecessary and counterproductive. The business and institutional user has a major stake in the developments in an industry where ICA member companies alone spend an aggregate of $60 billion per year on telecom services and facilities.

Further, the organizations represented by ICA members are challenged on a global scale to produce goods and services that are of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. Increasingly, innovative, sophisticated use of telecommunications is helping companies achieve these objectives.

No one seriously questions the difficult and demanding role of the FCC in these turbulent post-divestiture years. It faces an unprecedented work load, judicial and administrative pronouncements that overlap and intrude upon Commission prerogatives, and legislative initiatives that frequently are politically, rather than constructively, oriented. Add to that the diverse vested interests of the marketplace, and you have demands that would challenge the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon–not necessarily the strong points of your average bureaucrat.

It is essential, however, that the FCC, as well as the state regulators, begin to work in tandem with the business user community to help build the competitive edge American business urgently needs to become a truly world-class competitor. Unfortunately, to date, this cooperative effort has not been forthcoming.


The International Communications Association (ICA) generally supports deregulation where competitive alternatives exist. However, the ICA finds that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has failed to adequately consider the rate players’ interest. The FCC has allowed Bell Operating Companies (BOC) returns as high as 39 percent for special access line charges. Filings to the FCC indicating that there are BOC discrepancies in these case of very high returns on special line charges, have been ignored. ICA member companies depend on fair rates in order to maintain a competitive business edge. The FCC is not helping to advance this competitive edge.

A Look At E-Cigarette Commercials on Television

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download (3)Until now the community realized that about the risk of smoking cigarettes a couple of decades back, lots of people have discovered giving up the tobacco addiction hard. Organizations are actually innovating as well as producing smoking termination products for several years today. From smoking patches to gum, tobacco addicts are actually using them to give up their addiction. Electronic cigarettes (also called as e-cigarettes as well as electric cigarettes) are the most recent products available on the market. They are intended to appearance and feel similar to actual cigarettes; even because of giving out artificial smoke nevertheless they do not basically include any kind of cigarettes. Customers use smoking vapor which is similar to smoke without any subsequent of the carcinogens used in tobacco smoke which are usually damaging to the smoker as well as others around him. The Electronic cigarette includes a nicotine cartridge including the liquid nicotine. While a consumer inhales, a tiny battery handled atomizer transforms a tiny bit of liquid tobacco into vapor. Breathing nicotine vapor provides the consumer a nicotine hit in just a few seconds rather than minutes with pockets or gum. While the consumer inhales, a little LED light at the idea of the electric cigarette glows orange to imitate an actual cigarette.




E-Cigarette TV Commercial

Online marketers of e-cigarettes are presenting advertisement promotions that access tips from aged cigarette advertisements, The New York Times testimonies. The commercials are actually recognized by numerous cable TV channels, nevertheless no broadcast networks have still promised to transmit them .Local transmitted stations in primary market segments such as New York, Los Angles, San Francisco as well as Seattle also have decided to operate the advertising campaigns, the report information. E-cigarettes are not protected by constraints on making use of commercials to promote smoking tobacco cigarettes , since they are not tobacco items .Ads for just one e-cigarette product , Njoy King , incorporate the theme “Cigarettes , you’ve satisfied your match up ,” when the theme for Blu eCigs is “Rise from the ashes .” A few celebrities have started to support the items .The advertisement funds for Njoy King is approximated at $12 to $14 million for the following 6 months, in accordance with the newspapers. The marketing campaign contains TV commercials, ads in printing, in suppliers as well as on the internet, and parties in restaurants as well as clubs .Earlier this season, one industry specialist expected that e-cigarettes, presently a little but developing part of the cigarettes market, hopefully could exceed conventional cigarettes to be an outstanding tobacco item. Many people are turning to sites such as E-Cigarette Brands that have a Full List of E-Cigarette Brands. E-cigarettes are created to provide nicotine in the shape of a vapor, which is inhaled by the consumer. They normally have a rechargeable, battery-operated heating system aspect, a replaceable cartridge with tobacco or additional products as well as a device known as an atomizer that converts the material of the cartridge into a vapor when warmed up. E-cigarettes generally are created to appear like regular cigarettes.


Does the Napster Generation Smoke More or Less Tobacco Than Their Parents?

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napster-sb-236x300Nicotine, in high level is a bad addiction. It becomes really difficult to do without that, when you are too much into this habit of smoking. The youth these days are often addicted to this habit with fatal consequences. The only way out is discussing the ill-effects of smoking with them and letting them know why they should give it up soon. Electronic cigarettes can help them out. It is a special tool that helps you coming out of the habit of smoking gradually. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking tobacco cigarettes is responsible for around 443,000 deaths every year only in the United States.

Over 80 percent of the presently adult smokers actually began smoking before they were 18. Each Everyday, 3,450 young people in America, (aged between 12 and 17) try out their first cigarette. 850 among them become regular smokers. It is difficult to give up smoking, but, certainly not impossible. People in their teens can also be dragged out of this dangerous practice. Smokeless cigarettes can help you in the process.

From the above statistics, we can clearly see that the number of new smokers is exponentially increasing. This means that the Napster Generation (born 1989-2000) Smoke more tobacco than their parents. As the number of the growing generation get involved in dirty behavior due to esteem, curiosity and eager to test new levels, the aging generation learns to be responsible, come to their senses and others become more constructive with their lives. This is one main reason as to why the youth are abusing drugs and especially smoking tobacco more than their counterparts in parenthood.

Another factor as to why we can justify that the Napster Generation (born 1989-2000) Smoke more tobacco than their parents is that the generation is highly exposed to many bad things, either due to peer pressure or new environments and exploration. Things that are mainly caused by peer pressure mostly turn out to be harmful to the users. However inventions such as the electronic cigarette are helping cut smoking rates in some areas of the world. Sites like the Best Electronic Cigarette Blog are built to help people quit smoking using e-cigarettes. The youths are mainly at the stage of establishing their friends as they want to fill part of a group. This causes the young ones to spend most of their time with their friends rather than their respective families. These are some of the challenges that the Napster Generation encounter. Bearing in mind that the older generation has settled with life and also that their lives are wholly occupied, then we can comfortably say that the youth are by far more abusers of tobacco as compared to their parents.

Where Do You Upload Your VLogs and How Do You Share Them With People?

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Video Social Networks

Video blogging is an easy way of sharing your videos through blogs by clicking them and uploading them to instant sharable sites and sharing them to a wide range of audience. You can upload your videos in video blogging sites like You Tube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and numerous other video hosing sites.

Hosting or sharing videos is a very simple thing. You can easily share your videos through various free video uploading services instantly and share your views through them. Video blogging requires a person to master post production skills too like editing, sequencing, sound adjustment, adding background scores, etc for the production of a genuine video.

How to initiate Video blogging?

Well initiating v-logging isn’t a big deal at all. The initial requirement is you need to have a camera. It doesn’t matter if you lack a high definition camera because you can also start off with a phone camera or a webcam and uplift to a high definition camera later on.

Then think of an attractive topic or a concept that can attract numerous viewers. Be unique and true to yourself, take inspirations from renowned V-loggers but don’t try to imitate their concept and style. Learning advanced editing skills helps to master video blogging.

Then get a YouTube account and give your channel an attractive name. Start posting your videos, one or two in a day during the initial periods you can then gradually reduce the number later on. Don’t gap for a long time; gapping will result as communication breakage. Don’t exceed the time limit of two days. Try to remain active as much as possible.

Communicate with your followers and subscribers and keep on updating on interesting videos. This will help you to become a popular and appreciated video blogger as well as will help you share your ideas with the world in a convenient manner.

Vlogging provides one with a richer web experience as you are able to combine wide range of information of dozen of blog posts into one short video which thus saves your time and also of the readers.

Video blogging helps to use video as a medium to share thoughts and ideas to raise awareness about a topic, product or service as well as to provide information about the product. It acts as a voice of the typical blogger who is in want of expressing his/her thoughts instantly through the medium of videos.

5 Tips on How To Create a Killer Video Blog

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Blogs, Videos, Forums, Vlogs

What is a VLog (video blog)?

A video blog is a collection of videos, (whether your own or your favorites), that are posted on a web site. In other words, it is a blog that contains video content. Vlog entries often combine embedded video (or a video link) with supporting images, text, and other metadata.


Vlog posts are created by uploading a video of an event or of yourself to the internet and publishing it within a post or on your blog with the intention of getting a response from viewers making it possible for you to convey what you are all about in such a way that comes across as genuine and professional.


How do you create a killer video blog?

The costs of Vlog equipment and software as well as the technical barriers to video production are getting lower; meaning anyone with a video camera phone could become a video blogger, publish it and distribute or share it online.

However, the big question is, what makes a great video blog? Below are five tips that will help you create a killer video blog. Read on!


1. Create a theme for your video blog. Vlogs can have very many different applications. So you need to decide on what you’ll be blogging about, whether you’ll simply be ranting or if you have a specific theme in mind like music, business or sport.


2. Choose the right web host for your video blog. One advantage of Vlogging is that you don’t need to own a website or even a blog to start one. Rather, you can easily showcase your video in one of the many free web services that can host your video blog such as Vimeo or Youtube.


3. Name your video blog. Though the content of your video is undoubtedly more important than the name, giving a catchy yet easy-to-remember title will attract more viewers and keep them coming back.


4. KISS (Keep It Simple and Short). Don’t make your videos too long. Actually, five minutes is a lifetime, unless if you are producing lecture videos. In other words, leave them wanting more. Remember that people’s attention spans are always very short. So create something that is to the point yet still conveys what you are about.


5. Don’t concentrate more on the video, audio also matters. It is wiser to go for microphones and recorders that capture high-definition sound instead of investing heavily on a camera with high-definition pictures and a small lens.


Okay, so now you have the basics! Meaning you are now a Vlogging expert. So take that camera, film yourself, and share your thoughts with the world.

How To Vlog

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Vlog It.

A Vlog is blog that uses video as the primary media source rather than audio or text. They are ordinarily accompanied by still images or text and some include metadata (data used to describe the contents of a given file) for further annotation of the site.

The practice of attaching videos to Atom enclosures or RSS is known as Vlogging. The steps of Vlogging are; creating a video, video editing, posting of the video, syndicating the video and lastly subscription to a feed.

During the early days of blogs, video blog posts were collectively with audio blog posts referred to as podcasts. This has since changed and they are now referred to as Vlogs.

Create the Video file

You need to have a decent digital camera that will be able to produce a good quality video. One may also use the camera of a cell phone to shoot the video then post it to the internet.

The factors to that enable the creation of a good quality video are; adequate lighting should be used, avoid any background sound like for example television sound or people talking (your voice should be audible in the video, the space where the video is being shot should be clean an presentable and there should not be anything in the background that will draw viewers’ attention from your topic or you.

Edit the Video

You may use several video editing tools that are available and this include Virtual edit, Window’s Moviemaker (free), Avedit and WAX.

During the video editing process you may add titles or subtitles and video effects. You may also add music and stills to your video.

An important part of video editing is the choosing of an appropriate video format. Different file formats have different frame per second rate and resolution. To be able enable you to cover a larger audience the video should be easily be viewable and easily downloadable for people with low network speeds for example people using 56kbpps modems may not wish to download or view large video files.

Post the Video

You may upload to video sharing sites including; Youtube, Brightcove, Vimeo, Google Video and Vsocial. If your target is to get as many people viewing your video as you can you should use YouTube since it holds around 40 to 60 percent of the audience. Generally registration is required by most sites before posting a video.

Syndicate the Video

Syndication will enable you to notify people on the presence of your video. After posting the video add a new post to your blog describing it and providing a link to the video file. Then go to your public homepage and copy the RSS link that will enable people to get subscription for your site.

You may also choose to have your video appearing in some of the syndication platforms.

Subscribe to a Feed

After you have the video in a syndication platform go to the syndication platform website and under advanced choose to subscribe and then enter the blog’s feed URL and click OK.